Hello, my name is Miguel as you might’ve guessed from the blog title. What I do is compose Music for video games, which I’ve been composing for roughly 7 years now. I’ve worked on several projects that never seemed to get very far, though the music was abundant. ^_^;

I’ve been playing video games since…well, the good ol’ NES. Even owned a couple of the Atari’s and the long since forgotten Turbo Grafx-16. Point being is that I’ve had a passion for video games since a very young age and composing music is my way of being apart of the game development process. To me, music is one of THE most important parts of a game. Without it, I believe people would get bored very quickly with the natural progression of story and eventually just stop playing. Great music helps keep the player motivated to continue on to find out what happens next.

Music also plays a very key part in conveying emotion. It’s one more sensory for the human mind to process that encourages that feeling of sadness, or happiness, or vengeance. A good example of this is from Final Fantasy 7, when Aerith was killed. It was incredibly sad and when the White Materia began it’s decent toward the waters below, Aerith’s theme kicked in. The player had heard this theme at least a few times before reaching that point in the game, and hearing it at that particular moment invoked the saddest feeling I had ever felt to that point in my life. I wanted to cry.

That’s my goal as a composer. To excite those feelings that we all hold inside of us to better our experience in video games.

Currently, I’m working with Team MetaGames on their project “Feather Fued.” If you’re in need of a composer for your game, you can drop me a line or two at (b1gmclrghuge@yahoo.com).


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